Target audience:       Application Consultant. System Administrator. Business Intelligent Advance User. Report Writer.

Language:               English

Timing:                   December 5th , 2011 to December 9th, 2011

Venue:                    San Phu Co. Office 12th Floor, PetroVietnam Tower, 1-5 Le Duan Blvd., Dist.1, HoChiMinh City, Vietnam

Participate fee:         US$85/person/day (include tea break, lunch, and documents)



Workshop schedule


Day 1:

·  Phoebus Foundation. Phoebus Installation.

·  Ledger Accounting.

·  Fixed Assets Register.

·  System Administration.

Day 2: 

·  Query Designer.

·  Report Designer.

·  Phoebus XL.

·  Additional Schema for Query Designer.

·  Dashboard Designer.

Day 3: 

·  Access to External Data Sources. 

·  Ledger Interface from External Data Sources.

·  Import / Export data to/from Phoebus.

·  Automation Phoebus with Custom Commands. 

Day 4:

·  Phoebus HRM

·  Project Cost Management.

Day 5:

·  Inventory Control.

·  Purchase Order Processing.