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Query and Reporting

Brings dynamic data from your General Ledger directly into Excel spreadsheets. You have complete control over the design and content of your reports using only Excel features and functions. Summary balances and detail drill down can be retrieved and manipulated within the desktop tool everyone is familiar with, Excel.

The highly volatile nature of financial reporting creates a need for dynamic information. Leveraging spreadsheet functionality with Global’s technology, the integrity of critical financial data is maintained. Report Designer GL is also intuitive to install and maintain.

Benefits of Query & Reporting include:
  • Eliminate requirement for IT or super-users to create/change financial reports
  • Combine reporting, account inquiry, and journal inquiry into one application
  • Publish executive-quality reports from Excel
  • Perform corporate consolidations with instant access to dynamic data
  • Leverage spreadsheet skills and write reports within minutes
  • Drill down from within Excel, to ‘live’ GL balances and more
  • Increase efficiency and timeliness of your budgeting process
  • No more downloading or re-keying/exporting of spreadsheet data
  • No staging areas or data warehousing needed
  • Dramatically reduce number of days to close your books

Be enterprising

Knowing what direction to take in business is essential. Whether it is acquiring new companies, launching a new product, finding a new way to beat the competition, or another avenue of pursuit, it is important to know where you are heading and why.

Leverage experience

That takes real business intelligence and reporting proficiency, so that managers at all levels of your organisation receive the information they need to make strategic decisions. With so much at stake, finding the right information technology partner to back your efforts is also essential. We deliver proven, business-specific solutions with experience built in.

Get business specific

Phoebus Query & Reporting is a dynamic, multi-language, multi-currency set of business intelligence tools that is powerful, flexible, secure, and easy to use.

Query & Reporting is integrated with Microsoft Office enabling quick user adoption with minimal training and technical skills.

Using familiar desktop applications, users can quickly and efficiently create reports that highlight trends, patterns, and exceptions. And since minimal IT support and involvement are required, maintenance is easy, too.


  • Easy-to-Use wizard functions across Query & Excel to help you create reports quickly and easily

  •  Pivot Table analysis function, with off-Line capabilities, helping you to analyse your data even when you're not connected to your network

  •  Run-time prompt facility, making report development and distribution fast, simple, and secure

  • Powerful chart functions, with "drill-through" facility for users

Provide real-time access to non-Phoebus data

SQL adhoc query provides a dynamic, intelligent business logic layer that links your Query & Reporting tools directly to an underlying package, module, or table anywhere in your organisation. Adhoc query delivers:

  •  Simple reporting from disparate sources on the same page
  • An incredibly quick learning curve, with familiar Query & Reporting tools
  • A low total cost of ownership with one powerful reporting suite across all your applications

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