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Phoebus Invoice CE

Q: For whom Phoebus invoice CE?  

A: For all small business owner, who want to manage billing properly and professionally. Phoebus Invoice CE provide a super compact tool to keep all your invoices in one single compact database. Together with a enterprise - level query and reporting capability. You can analyse your revenue in any dimension you can imagine.

The security engine, audit trail keep your data sercure. 

Digital signature makes issuing a digitally signed invoice with one click.


  • Super simple. just unrar and launch the setup.exe file. Installer will create every thing for you. It also lauch Phoebus Invoice CE after installation.
  • Notes: You will need .net framework 3.5 sp1

 Usage tips

  • There are 2 user ids predefined : USR (user) and ADM (admin) without password.
  • If you find that user interface have labels in language that you don't understand. Just change the language from the menu. It currently support only 2 languages. If you need to translate Phoebus Invoice CE to your language, just contact us at .

  • When you see a text-box with image in the right side. like
     You can press F5 to select from the list.
  • For tax code (customer id) you can enter some character and press enter. Phoebus will search in the list all item, having the text you have just entered. If it found one item, the item is selected. if it found some items, an additional dialog pops up to ask user select from the shorted list.
  • You can Press F5 or type something when selecting an item code in the grid. 
  • You can customize the grid-layout with right click on the grid. Select menu Layout/Reset Layout to set the grid setup back to default state.

Forms and Report 

  • When you in print preview mode. Just click design button on the right side of the action bar to edit report template. You can redesign you report/form in excel. Save the template and run report again to see the result. 

  • There are several forms pre-designed. Setup the default invoice form with function : Sales Invoice Business Definition. 
    • Form SI1 :  
    • Form HD1:  
  • There are no limit of number of forms in Phoebus Invoice CE. Design it as will. You can also download template from
  • If you want to learn about create your query in Phoebus Invoice CE. Have a look at videos:

Setup Phoebus Invoice CE

Phoebus Invoice CE - Invoice Entry

If you want to learn about create your query in Phoebus Invoice CE. Have a look at videos, the dictionary may not the same with one used in Phoebus Invoice CE. But the concept and the process is absolutely the same (Phoebus Invoice CE inherits query and reporting engine from Phoebus Managemetn Suite): 

Query Designer

If you want to learn about how to design your report, check this:

Design your report